Do You Know What You Want?

Have you thought about how you really want to be living your life? The answer is the very first thing that pops into your head..It probably comes to you easily because you’ve spent a lot of time thinking, daydreaming, imagining this life. Its what gets you through the mediocre life that many of you feel you are living now; the same life that I lived for a really long time.

It can be anything, it doesn’t have to be fancy- moving to the beach, walking away from your current career and doing something completely random, starting a business, leaving a relationship that no longer fulfils you..its going to be different for everyone. There is no right or wrong answer, just the answer that feels right for you. But its the thing that keeps popping up, its calling you and stirring something within you. Tormenting you almost…until you remind yourself there is no way it can be done so theres little point in thinking about it. Instead you shove it down inside and convince yourself that the life you  have now is just fine. It becomes easier to hide and stay small.


Ugghhhhh. I remember this feeling. I’ve had it for much of my life, this emptiness and longing that no matter what I did in life left me feeling as though I had a giant hole of nothingness sitting deep within me. I convinced myself that when the kids had finished school, when I met a partner, when I won the lotto, when life started to be a bit kinder to me I would chase the dream. I kept the fear and self doubt safely locked away- instead always finding a reason as to why I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted.

My dream was always to serve – to heal others in some way (but I used to say ‘I just want to help people’). It always had something to do with writing and speaking and sharing my story and making others feel less alone. Living by the beach, spending my days writing, swimming, riding my bike, cooking and being part of a community always felt like the right thing for me to be doing. It was what resonated deeply within me (I wasn’t desperately searching for my ‘purpose’- instead I felt it inside of me) but my reality was the complete opposite. Single mum living far from the ocean & unable to move because of shared parenting, mortgages, loans, school fees, responsibilities, and the huge amount of baggage I was carrying around kept me believing that what my soul wanted was simply impossible. I kept putting it in the ‘one day’ basket but secretly thinking it would never transpire.

I convinced myself that I was okay, that this was the reality, that people rarely got what they wanted in life, that I was unlucky and so far from my dream that it was pointless even thinking about it. It was easier to convince myself to do what was expected of me, to keep going and make it look as though I was fitting in, to not upset anyone else. It was easier to numb it all out, to drink, have sex with men who weren’t overly interested in me, to keep climbing the career ladder, to keep making money so I could keep buying stuff I didn’t need, to keep my body looking like it was supposed to, to fill my face with botox and dress a certain way. I did whatever I could to convince myself the life I had was fine. But it wasn’t fine. It was a mess, a disaster waiting to unravel. I felt like I was doing so many things but not doing any of them well. I was always busy, always tired, always pushing, always thinking I was a fraud just waiting to be exposed, always feeling that at any second my whole life could fall completely apart.


And it did. Spectacularly – every single part of it. So that I could finally do what I came here to do. But here’s what I discovered along the way. Its not about what I do.. ITS ABOUT HOW I FEEL. And when I feel great in every way I know with great certainty that everything my soul desires will come to me. I’ve made peace with myself and my past, I’ve  learnt how to feel the pain, confront it and then release it, I’ve come back to Spirit and chosen LOVE, I know that who I am is more than enough, I’ve stopped betraying myself and settling for less than I deserve, I now that nobody has the power to take away my happiness…and because of this I know whatever I long for it is a given (because it is in alignment with my Highest Good – & I’m not doing it for ego reasons- making money/proving myself/trying to be the best/shutting my heart down/hurting others etc).

The hard things that come to you- death, break ups, illness, job losses- are for no other purpose then to re-awaken you so that you can begin to live the life that is true to you. The suffering is the catalyst for letting go of all the things that you no longer need, eradicating the limiting beliefs and thoughts you have about yourself, the pain and fear that is holding you back, the belief of how life is ‘supposed’ to look SO THAT YOU CAN START LIVING AS GOD INTENDED. With joy, fun, inspiration and love. Every single day.

I know I’m simplifying it and perhaps making it sound as though its the easiest thing in the world. I know its not. I know it means sacrifice, and loss and letting go. I know it has meant grief, loneliness and living a life that looks completely different to everyone around me.  But now that I am on the other side… the relief of knowing I never have to pretend another day in my life to be somebody that I am not, and to finally live a life that feels real and true to who I  am is the most powerful act of love I could have ever given myself.

You are only free when you realise you belong no place- you belong every place- no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.

Maya Angelou

Kylie West
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Suffering; The Path That Leads Us To Our Truth

Grief, despair, pain and suffering have changed me. I’m no longer the person I once was and for a long time I resented that. For the first two years of my three year healing process it felt as though I was dead. I only knew I wasn’t because my constant companion – suffering- barely left me. Mostly I wished I was no longer living and I spent a lot of time creating scenarios in my head of how I was going to die. There were thousands and thousands of times that suicide seemed like the only logical escape route. Only once did I come close to choosing this option, when I was in the midst of loosing my mind, when the idea of going on was unbearable, when I felt like dying would actually be a welcome gift to my family. An act of grace saved me. I wanted to do anything to escape the bleakness, despair and anguish that had infiltrated my body, mind and soul but the Universe had other plans in store for me.



It’s easy to sit here and write these words, because they are now my truth..


‘I woudnt change it

It was worth it

I’m finally me

I know it needed to happen

I didn’t know how much courage and strength I had


But they were of little consolation at the time when I was hurting the most. Eckhart Tolle writes in the world wide best selling book ‘A New Earth’:

‘Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the ego’.

To come closer to GOD; to myself, to re-align with source energy has indeed been the greatest blessing. And there is not a day that goes by that I don’t say ‘thankyou’ for being where I am now. I know that my ending could have been very different. For me to get here, where I am right now, to spend so long fighting for my life was the hardest thing I have EVER done and will EVER do in my life.

But to be completely honest the last thing I wanted when I was in the bleak hole of darkness was for people to tell me that my suffering had purpose. ‘You try it then’ or ‘its easy for you to say that you’re not in it’ would be the first thing that would spring to mind. I already felt alone and people telling me what to do, what to feel and what to think were only reconfirming my isolation. I was alone, aching with loneliness (even though at times there were people around me) and feeling extremely misunderstood. My mind was going crazy trying to figure out how to get out of the mess, my body had betrayed me and heart had shattered into a million pieces. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t see how I was ever going to find a way out intact.


My initial inability to understand that this suffering that I was experiencing had the opportunity to lead me to where I really needed to be was not something I considered until I really stopped and listened. I was stuck- rightly so- in a state of shock, and fight/flight/freeze mode. I didn’t know what else to do other than sit in the ‘why me, I didn’t do anything wrong, nothing ever goes right, IT’S NOT FAIR!!’ until I realised that if I stayed here my only option would be death.

I have had A LOT of help over the past three years but finding the right help always came back to me listening to my own intuition. I knew early on that the mental health system was not going to be the answer for me. That it was going to be a bandaid, and not a long term option to really HEAL in the way I needed to heal. True healing meant turning inwards, into the place I most wanted to escape.

Suffering has the opportunity to lead us back to where we need to be OR it causes us to shut off from the goodness of life, to close our hearts and stay stuck in a state that is nether natural or what we are intended for. I understand fully why people stay stuck- finding the right help is a BATTLE- listening to ourselves is not something that has been encouraged. Nothing saddens me more than knowing how many people are being let down by many of the current treatment options in healthcare especially in the field of mental health. We can do so much better and I BELIEVE there is a wave of change that is beginning to grow in momentum.

Every one of us has suffered in some way – you don’t need to have had a breakdown to experience the type of grief and pain that stops you in your tracks. Our stories are different but the feelings and emotions are the same. What matters is when the time is right for each of us, we can perhaps find the courage to say to ourselves;

‘Enough, I cant’ do this anymore, something has to change’.

If and when you decide to choose this path of true healing – the only words you need say are ‘SHOW ME THE WAY’ and then start listening.

Kylie West
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The One Thing That Changes Everything


I’ve spent 3 years devoted to healing. I unravelled in a way that was ugly and cruel, and I’ve been in a world that I know few ever fully make their way out of. For a long time I was made to believe that I would never be okay,  the long list of mental illnesses and chronic illnesses would keep me stuck in a life that I really didn’t want. I was led to believe that I would ‘exist’ and ‘manage’ instead of ‘thriving’ and becoming all that I could be.

Prior to becoming sick and falling apart I spent a long time searching for happiness. I believed that when I achieved every thing I wanted and desired I would finally rid myself of the deep ache and longing within. I convinced myself that when I met a man, when I had the high paying job, when I lost the weight, when I moved into the home of my dreams everything would magically fall into place. My happiness was dependent on external factors, it was dependent on my EGO telling me that I needed these things before I could finally relax into life. But the problem was when I achieved these things- the contentment and fulfilment I was searching for continued to evade me. Eventually I fell into the spiral of needing more, of moving onto the next thing. I tried to convince myself the lack of whatever it was that I wanted was the reason behind my emptiness.

Suffering brings with it much pain, but- if you allow it- it also brings many gifts. For me the greatest blessing I received was my return to consciousness. I was able to return to a state of pure love – as GOD intended us all to be. And the best way I can describe what this means in a way that so that people can fully understand is to say this;

I returned to the knowing that who I am- just as I am is enough. That I don’t need to be anything more than my true self. I don’t need to look a certain way, be a certain way, achieve certain things. I don’t need to change the true essence of myself in any way. Who I am as I am right now is more than enough’.

I came to accept this at the time I hated myself the most. But you see- this was the blessing. The gift of having nothing left to hide behind, of no longer having to wear a mask, no longer trying to fit in and show others how much I mattered. At the time when I had nothing left to hide behind, when my roles and identities had been stripped away, when I looked the worst I had ever looked, when I was incapable of looking after myself, when I couldn’t go to work, when I was completely alone, when I had so much pain and anguish within me- this was the time that I realised that who I was- in the absolute ugliness of life- was enough. And that I was worthy of living the life my soul desired.

This has been the foundation on which I have rebuilt my life. The knowing that I don’t need to be anything more than who I am right now, is the platform on which I will now go forward and fulfil every desire and dream that GOD has implanted within me. I don’t need to do these things for ANY other reason than knowing that what I am doing is for my higher good- this is what I have been called upon to do. I’m not doing it for money, for notoriety, to prove that I can, to try and fit in or make others proud of me, or because I want to save the world. And I’m certainly not doing it (fulfilling my potential) because I think this is where my happiness lies. I’ve found my happiness, my joy and my love. I found it within myself and within the despair and anguish of confronting my demons, of spending the last three years doing everything in my power to FEEL GOOD. The way I feel now is something I have been searching my whole life for – I have it at the time when I don’t have a job, money, many friends or possessions, when I don’t look a certain way, and when I live in a rental property with my sister and her children. I am exactly where I should be and I know that I am supported in every way.

Behind all of the unfulfilled dreams, and the belief that you may never have the life you dream of, behind the addictions, the fighting, the fear, the things you use to numb (alcohol/drugs/food/shopping/affairs/work), behind the crime, the assault, the power, perfection, planning, control and the money making is the CORE BELIEF that most of us are trying to run from. The belief that WHO WE ARE IS NEVER QUITE ENOUGH. Our true healing and our return to love is dependent on changing this inner belief. This is what has the power to transform your life.



Kylie West
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The Deepest Knowing

For most of my adult life I’ve had a deep inner knowing that I was here for a purpose. I could never quite put my finger on it and for a long time I believed my sole purpose was to be a mumma to my two children. It was the only thing that I was naturally good at, and while that role has bought me so much happiness I also now know that I am here for something more.


GOD (or if you prefer the Universe or Source Energy) gives us everything we need to fulfil this pre-determined mission (& yes our ego tries to convince us otherwise!). YOU are supported and guided and protected in so many ways to make sure you fulfil your calling, but it is ALWAYS up to each of us if we decide to pursue this mission- it is your own free will that will determine how you choose to live your life.

At the hardest time of my life – my breakdown- I thought that I had lost everything that gave my life meaning (my children, my health, my body, my mind, my friends, my social life, my job and career, my possessions, my ability to support and look after myself, my entire life as I knew it). I was alone, and it was easy to believe that I had nothing to live for and even though I thought I was at rock bottom, I kept sinking deeper into the depths of despair. I was highly suicidal for 7 months and spent two years living in a world that I could never have imagined existed. I then spent another year finding my feet- re-emerging back into the world, learning how to live again. Three years of my life spent in some kind of parallel universe- surviving, existing, hurting, learning and healing from the pain, trauma and turmoil of life- from the pain of being me.



And while I would love to say it was the love I had for my children that kept me going (and to an extent this is accurate), the truth is it was something else that convinced me that ending my life would be the greatest mistake I would ever make. From the moment that I became sick and my life quickly unravelled I had a deep sense, an inner knowing that what I was going through was NOT a mistake. I knew from the beginning that I was being given some kind of lesson/teaching/gift that would enable me to do what I had always longed to do. I had such clarity and this is what kept me going- this knowing- that the struggle, pain and suffering that I was enduring was for something much bigger than me. It didn’t make it any easier and I spent a lot of time resenting that this is what I had been called upon to do. That GOD wanted ME to serve him this way for the highest good of all – that I had to suffer so intolerably to show others that there was a way through didn’t seem like a good enough reason as to why my life had gone the way it had. But in the end this is what got me through, and this is what continues to be my driving force. I know none of it was a mistake, and the miracles and synchronicities’ that have come to me along the way only strengthen this knowing.

I want more than I’ve ever wanted anything to be the woman that GOD intended me to be- and I know that I am. But I also know I’m not doing it for anyone else, its not to prove myself, or to say ‘I told you so’ to all of the people that have in some way hurt me, nor is it to make anyone proud. I’m doing it because staying true and loyal to myself is more important to me than anything else in this world. And when I do this, when I don’t let myself down- when I can look in the mirror and know with complete conviction that I am doing the very best that I can do in a way that is meaningful and true to me – then I can be all that I need to be for others- for my children, my family, my friends and for anybody who has been guided towards my work.

The struggle in life happens to all of us, I know I am not the only one who has stumbled and I know there are many people who have struggled far worse than I have. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t acknowledge how different this could have all turned out. Every day I appreciate that I am alive, that I made it through the hardest time of my life. Every day I know that my breakdown has been the greatest gift of my life- the pain and suffering have changed me forever. But I also know I no longer need this suffering- I’ve felt it, lived it and I’ve let it go. It has bought me back to where I needed to be. It has bought me back to LOVE. Like all suffering and pain it has given me the opportunity to be stripped back, to let go of my EGO and to remind me that who I am- just as I am- is more than enough.

Do you have an inner belief that you are here for something more?



Kylie West
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Divine Guidance; Can YOU Believe?


‘If you knew who walked beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible’  A Course in Miracles

My guess is that maybe YOU want to believe that you are being guided and supported by the Universe,  perhaps you really want to believe in Divine Guidance and Law of Attraction. Most of us want to believe that we are supported and guided by a presence much bigger than any of us could ever comprehend. Maybe a big part of you wants to believe in miracles, divine intervention and synchronicity. Perhaps you even believe that you are here to fulfil a certain mission in life, but can’t quite figure out how you are supposed to juggle your responsibilities and ‘realities’ that come with real life.

I don’t doubt that we all want to believe that life can be easier than what it is- that we are not just here to pay bills, slog away at life, and spend our life waiting for the weekend to roll around- but to reconnect with our true essence and live our lives accordingly, to reconnect with our Spirit and the truth of who we really are. But I also suspect there’s a part of you that doesn’t fully trust, a part of you that can’t quite let go and believe 100% that we are all fully supported, and that we are all given exactly what we need to lead us back to our higher selves. The fear of not fully believing robs us of the joy that deep within we know as being our truth.

The reason we struggle to believe and therefore trust is fairly straight forward. For most people our EGO is leading the way. Your ego convinces you that worry, pain and fear are in control of your life. Your ego convinces you that it is your mind that has to lead the way (rather than your heart and soul), and that who you are is dependent on how you do or don’t look, what you do (or don’t do) and what you own (or don’t own). It makes you believe that who are you are is never quite enough- that you need external factors to boost you (money/recognition/possessions/achievement), and that you need to hide who you really are behind your roles and identities. EGO convinces you that you have to control every aspect of your life, that what others think of you really matters, that you need to do whatever it takes to ‘fit in’ and it leads you down a path where you end up living your life for others instead of living a life for yourself.

I suspect for many of you the fear of not believing- of not quite trusting- heavily outweighs the belief that there is a force much bigger than either YOU or I who is in control of our lives. It is much easier to choose the power of FEAR over the power of LOVE. Maybe like I once did, you don’t even realise you are even doing this. Perhaps you have forgotten that there is another way.


For a long time I wanted to believe in the power of the Universe, I trusted that everything happened for a reason, that there were no mistakes. I read my horoscopes, I made new moon wishes, followed my intution and I ALWAYS tried to believe that every heartache I went through was leading me to something better. But no matter what I did, no matter how hard I worked at creating a life that felt real and true to me- things just kept going wrong. People kept telling me that I didn’t deserve everything that had happened and that things were going to ‘get better’. But things didn’t get better, and it became easy for me to believe that I was on my own- that there was no greater force or power. Eventually it felt like it was me against the world.

I came to believe that I was cursed, subconsciously I believed that I didn’t deserve any better, and while a part of me always knew that the suffering I had endured was part of a bigger plan- I could never seem to escape the mountain of obstacles that came my way. I knew that I was strong, I knew that I could keep going no matter what, I knew I had responsibilities that I couldn’t just walk away from BUT I WAS EXHAUSTED. I felt alone, I felt like nobody really knew the real me, I felt like I had to hold it all together and more than anything I felt like I was failing at everything I was doing. It felt like there was no way out. I knew there was more to life but I had no idea how to get off the never ending rollercoaster- until I was given the gift that would change everything.

My breakdown came at a time that from the outside everything looked quite good- I had worked my way up the career ladder, gone back to University to study both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees, I had a high paying job working for the Government, I had just purchased a beautiful new home, I had an investment property, a new car, my kids were both in high school, I was happily single, fit and was reasonably happy with the way that I looked, and I had a supportive group of friends around me. But internally, I couldn’t shake the belief that I was failing at everything. I longed for change but I couldn’t just walk away- I had responsibilities- kids, mortgages, school fees, bills to pay. I had just spent the previous 10 years rebuilding my life (after my marriage had ended) and I’d finally achieved everything I thought mattered. I believed there was no way out but I was also angry at myself for finally achieving everything that I wanted and still not escape the emptiness that remained inside.

When I fell apart it was my EGO that suffered the most- my ego wanted me to live in a state of self importance. It convinced me that I had failed because my whole life had fallen apart. It told me I was a no-one and made me buy into my sad story- ‘this isn’t fair’, ‘how much can one person take’, ‘I’m a good person, I’ve never done anything wrong’, ‘what will everyone think’. My ego told me that I deserved everything I had gotten, that I would never amount to anything, that I would suffer forever. But deep deep deep inside of me I was secretly relieved. I knew that I would never go back to the life I once had because so many parts of that life hadn’t been real and true. My breakdown became my greatest blessing because it stripped me of my EGO and led me back to my true self. It led me back to being aligned with my Spirit. Spirit reminded me that I have an ultimate calling and that I am guided and protected always so that I can achieve this calling.

Now I know that I am supported in every way, I know there are no mistakes and no coincidences. For the first time in my life I am living in complete alignment, living with love, joy, trust, contentment, happiness and appreciation. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. My life is simple, stripped back to the absolute basics, I have nothing to hide behind and nothing to prove. The fear, long list of illnesses, anxiety, depression, PTSD and Bipolar symptoms are all gone. I’m living my life exactly as my Soul is asking me to- it is the most peaceful place to be. But don’t be fooled, I have worked extraordinarily hard to get here, and to live any other way would be a betrayal to myself. I’ve gone against the norm, thought outside of the box, turned my back on conventional treatment- its been isolating and lonely and there have been many many moments when I didn’t think I was going to make it. But it has been worth- all of it- to come back to the truth that I do matter. This life- trusting and staying true to myself and reconnecting with LOVE and GOD- is what matters most to me.

Its okay if you can’t fully believe and trust that we all have access to this divine guidance and support. Its a process that takes time and understanding. Its an unravelling that only you can come to realise- if you choose. There will always be a reason not to believe, just like there will always be a reason to believe. I choose to believe, for me it is the only way.

Kylie West
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STOP Telling Me What To Do

My guess is if you’ve found your way to this blog, something in your life is not working the way you want it to- perhaps your going through a relationship breakdown, a problem with your health, your family or maybe your whole life is in complete disarray. Maybe- like I once was- you are highly suicidal and can’t find a reason to stay alive OR maybe your just exhausted from the never ending rollercoaster of LIFE. Whatever it is- wherever you are right now let me say to you – I UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS IS AND I UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN, I GET THE FEAR, FRUSTRATION & UTTER EXHAUSTION THAT COMES WHEN LIFE KNOCKS YOU DOWN (and keeps knocking you down).

BUT NOW LET ME SAY THIS TO YOU, AND I SAY IT WITH NOTHING BUT LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR YOU- no matter where you are right now, no matter what has happened in your past, what demons you are carrying, what life has handed you, what mistakes you have made- THERE IS A WAY THROUGH.  I know that will be hard to believe-  but I’m asking you to dig deep- even after everything you have been through and survived. I’m asking you to just for a second imagine that you can be okay. Just hold on to a sliver of hope. Grasp onto anything you can to help you believe that you can live the life that you were destined to live. A life full of joy, love, happiness, abundance and alignment. The life that you were always supposed to have- the LIFE that is meant for YOU.

Here’s the thing- it doesn’t matter how much help you get, you can see Psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, healers, Medical Specialists, you can go to fancy retreats and meditate all you want, you can read self help books, listen to podcast after podcast and talk about your problems and your life until your blue in the face, you can convince yourself that you are strong and you can keep running from the pain- BUT unless you BELIEVE that you CAN really be OKAY, that there is a better way of living  – then most likely nothing much will ever change. Its easy to believe in all of the things that are wrong with you, its easy to listen to what others tell you, that your damaged and flawed, its easy to think that there is no way out, that you can’t get off the never ending rollercoaster of life. This is about YOU finding YOU because no doubt somewhere along the way you’ve lost sight of who you really are, maybe you can’t even remember the person you once were. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that this is it- that this is what you’ve been handed, that this is all you deserve.


Just so you know, and I’ve mentioned it before, this IS NOT a how to blog, its not a step by step guide on how to achieve the life of your dreams. And if you are looking to be told exactly what to do then perhaps this may not be the right place for you. What this blog will do is give you the courage and belief that you can live the life you were destined for, simply by beginning to LISTEN TO YOURSELF – YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN – YOU HAVE DIVINE GUIDANCE SUPPORTING YOU ALONG THE WAY, LEADING YOU TO THE LIFE YOU DREAM OF, GUIDING YOU TO BECOME THE PERSON YOU WERE DESTINED TO BE. And yes I know its confronting, I know its scary and it makes you feel like you have to run. Its so easy to spend our whole life running, to convince ourselves that we don’t need anything more, that its really not that bad. It takes great courage to stand still and confront yourself. Only you know what the right thing is to do for you. Only you know if it is time.

This blog, my work that I have been called to do is simply about guiding you back to yourself- because that is where the answers lie- this is about healing the relationship with yourself. Its not about self-care or self-love, its about becoming LOVE and letting go of all of the pre-conceived ideas, roles and identities you have spent your life becoming.  Once you become LOVE that is all that you attract, you become a magnet and that is what your energy gravitates towards and it is here that you know you have found your way back to the truth of who you really are. When you are here you know that anything and everything is possible.

I will guide you towards the parts of your life that you need to address, so that you can look at the foundations and building blocks that you will need to use so that you can step into the life that has been awaiting you.  How you CHOOSE to do that is completely up to you- this is about you doing what is right for you- this is about you following your intuition and listening to your internal guidance system- because you are the only one that has the RIGHT ANSWERS FOR YOU. The idea that what worked for me will also work for you is false simply because WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE, THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL. This is about you coming back to YOU. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL YOURSELF, MY ONLY ROLE IS TO SHOW YOU THAT IT IS POSSIBLE.

I don’t know about you, but the minute somebody tells me what to do I freeze up, I question myself and I feel like I’m doing life wrong. The times that I have tried to follow somebody else’s guidance or do what society expects of me has done nothing but leave me feeling like a fraud and a failure. I’ve tried to live my life doing what others expected of me, I’ve tried giving so much of myself, and I’ve tried to live my life for others- but it didn’t work. I fell apart because I couldn’t pretend anymore. The only way I am interested in living my life now is in a way that feels real and right for me, and that means my life looks completely different to those around me. I no longer mind what others think of me, I no longer worry about trying to please others, I don’t fit in and I dont belong in a way that others do, but I do fit in and I do belong to myself first and foremost, and that is what matters most to me. Nothing has been more valuable to me than listening to my own inner guidance- it is the only reason I am here living my life as I always knew it could be. Nobody knows me better than I know myself, I have Divine Guidance deep within me and it comes from Source Energy. We all have it, its up to each of us to find it, to connect with it and to LIVE it. When we do that everything makes sense.

I want you to know that you can be okay, you can be better than okay. Lets get started..

I’m so glad you are here. xx





Kylie West
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