See Only The Face of GOD

I’ve got people in my life going through really hard things at the moment. People I care about deeply. It would be easy for me to fall deep into worry and fear. The ‘What if…’ scenarios could easily destroy me and take away my internal peace. This fear is the thing that makes me want to tell my people that are hurting what they should do. It makes me want to write lists, send them long detailed messages about how they have to get their life together because its not fair to everyone else. I want ┬áto start ranting about how all they have to do is start liking themselves, I want to send them meditation clips, research papers on the importance of gut health, food, sleep and water. I want to send deliveries of supplements which I know will help lift their mood, and write a detailed step by step guide of what they should do, how they should think and what they should feel.

But I won’t. Because I know it won’t help. I would be just another person telling them how to live their life, reiterating that there is something wrong with them and that they are failing at life. All I would be doing is reminding them that they are letting others down, and they are letting themselves down. I won’t do this because they already know- they are already thinking these things and beating themselves up because of the mistakes they have made, because of their inability to get out of the pain. They do not need to be made to feel worse for being human.

Instead I choose LOVE. I choose to see these people close to me who I love and adore as the faces of GOD. They are my teachers, they are teaching me compassion, love and empathy. They are hurting , they are suffering and all I need to do is love them unconditionally- just as GOD does. To be there when they need me, to remind them that they are loved, to SHOW them that something better is possible- that the hard times can be the catalyst for change if they so choose. I choose to see them as the best possible version of themselves- not as a hindrance or someone who is causing me stress because they are not acting in the way that I think they should. I see them with love and light and I know that they have the ability to do what is right for them. To listen to their own intuition- not so they can do the ‘right’ thing for their family, their partner, their children BUT so they can do the right thing for themselves- so they can become who they are destined to be.

I know they can and will heal, I know this has been the wake up call that they needed. It has come at the perfect time and they are protected in every way when they choose to follow their own internal guidance system. They have the ability to lift themselves if they so choose. My only role is to remind them that I believe in them no matter what.

Kylie West

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