We Are The Universe

I believe completely that there is a power much bigger than most of us choose to acknowledge, I know this force is so strong that it dictates every single sequence of events that happens in each of our lives, and I trust that if we are willing to walk away from the lower energies of our ego and instead reconnect with our higher selves and Source Energy; that along the way we will be rewarded in infinite ways. But most of all I know that if we are willing to to follow our intuition and set ourselves free of all the barriers, outdated and unhelpful beliefs that we have about ourselves then we have no other option then to become the person we are destined to be and go on to live the life that we have always imagined for ourselves.

Its easy for me to know this, to trust and to believe unconditionally that we are a part of the Universe – that we are connected,  supported and have unlimited supplies of love, joy and abundance available to us at all times. I trust completely that I no longer need to worry, control or plan anything that happens in my life. I know with great certainty that all of my needs, desires and wishes have been heard and are in the process of happening. And I know this because I feel it, I feel the energy within and around and I know I am completely aligned and in tune with this vibration. I look at all of the miracles that are unfolding around me on a daily basis, especially around the way I feel. I look back at the way it has all unfolded and part of me feels sad that I wasted so much time not fully believing. That I spent so much time living in fear as opposed to living in love. I bought into the story that life was hard and a constant struggle. I could never quite trust that the Universe really did have my back- especially when so many things continued to go wrong. Somehow I think it was easier not to believe. That way I didn’t have to take myself too far out of my comfort zone, that way I could stay small and safe and live an ordinary existence. That way I could remain the victim and blame everyone else for how my life tuned out.

I see this same disbelief now, everyday. In society, in my community and in the lives of the people around me. I see fear always winning, I see the ongoing struggle with money, relationships, time, worthiness. And as much as I try to reassure people close to me and encourage them to trust and believe that we are all divinely protected if only we choose to turn to love (by following our intuition and healing the relationship with ourselves)- I also see their hesitation, their disbelief, their worry. Its hard to believe that life doesn’t have to be a struggle when your in the midst of the hardship. Its hard to believe there is a way out, its hard to change old engrained patterns of behaviour and its hard to try and wrap your head around the possibility that we can change our lives by changing our thoughts and confronting all of the outdated beliefs we have about ourselves.

Many of us aren’t even aware that we are letting our beliefs dictate and control our lives. We don’t realise that when we are thinking about how little we have, instead of focusing on how much we do have that we are sending a very direct message to the Universe. We don’t realise that when we are making decisions with our head instead of our heart and soul (for example convincing yourself to stay in a relationship because you don’t want to be alone, or you don’t want to break up your family, or you were ‘supposed’ to spend the rest of your life with the guy that you’ve been with since you were 18) and going against your intuition (that very clearly tells you that you that this relationship is no longer giving you the things that deserve- love, respect, understanding etc)  that we are moving further away from the truth of who we really are. We don’t realise that illness and depression can be our wake up calls that have the power to stop us from running from ourselves. We are barely even aware that our thoughts and our beliefs are limiting us in so many different ways.

I know sharing this message is the reason I am here. I know with out any hesitation that I have been through it all so that I can show others that anything is possible. You can change your life, no matter where you are,  or what your circumstances are. All you have to do is begin to believe that it is possible.






Kylie West

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