Walking Around In EGO

How are you living your life? Are you going through the motions, caught up in the busy-ness and routine of life? Or do you feel energised, alive and inspired. Are you living your life in the best way that you can? Many of us don’t even realise we have a choice and the vast majority of the population are living their lives in a way that is hard and uncomfortable. Are you willing to look for another way? What would it be like for you if you were to move away from living an ego dominated life and move towards living a life where you feel aligned with the higher energies. What would your life look like if you chose to return to Spirit, to return to your higher self, to return to LOVE.

Living life in EGO looks something like this; feeling tired all of the time, not feeling fulfilled in your job/relationship/home life (& believing there is no way you can change any of it), living in your head trying to plan, think and control your way through life, allowing fear to stop you from doing the things you really want to do, letting other peoples actions and words dictate your mood, constantly waiting for the weekend to roll around, feeling like you have to please others and put their needs before yours,  waiting for your happiness to arrive (when you meet the right person/get the job/buy the house), fretting and worrying about money, feeling like you never have enough time and repeatedly putting yourself down or wishing that you were more than what you are (this can also come in the form of thinking you are better than others because of what you have/how you look/ & what you have achieved).

Many of us are living in these lower energies going through the motions, wondering when life is suddenly going to be okay. I did it for a long time – because I didn’t know there was any other way. I didn’t know that my thoughts created my reality, I didn’t know that I always had divine support and guidance from the Universe, and I didn’t know that my deeply ingrained beliefs and thoughts about myself were holding me back. I was caught up in living life the way that I had become accustomed to living it and I had in part resigned myself to the belief that life was hard and struggle was normal. I thought it was normal to feel tired all of the time, to be sick so often, to never feel like I was doing anything right or well enough, to go through life feeling slightly disconnected and misunderstood.

But now I know differently. And its something that I want you to know as well. There is another way, a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled, at peace and in love with all of the magic life can bring. It comes when you begin to change the relationship you have with yourself, it comes when you start to listen to your intuition and follow your internal guidance, it comes when you learn how to navigate fear, when you begin to feel and honour your emotions, and when you begin to be present in the moment.

Perhaps your wondering ‘Where do I even start?’& ‘Is it really possible to change my life and become the person I am destined to be?’. OR maybe your skeptical (which is completely normal!) and your thinking  ‘This is a load of rubbish’. Whatever your feeling is perfectly fine, just remember you can always choose again, you can always come back at a later time if you can’t get rid of the niggling feeling that says ‘What if? What if there was another way?’.

But if you do feel as though the time is right for you to begin your journey into the life that is waiting for you, there is only one thing you have to do to begin. Find some stillness, in whatever form feels right for you – walking, swimming, meditating, day dreaming, drawing. Anything that stops you from the busy-ness and allows you to listen to yourself. You need time to start to connect with your inner being (not your head). You need only to become aware that the answers you need are already within you, that it is time to honour and respect yourself by listening.  Once you begin to listen you can gently begin to become aware of what you really want in your life- you can start to see what is working and what isn’t. This is the only place to begin, with you. You are the answer, and you are the only one who can choose what is right for you.

The payoff is huge. I’m not pretending that it is easy or comfortable. Its not, for most of us we have been deterred from listening to our own inner judgement for most of our lives. We have had to live to make those around us happy so that we can gain their love and approval. We have learnt to stop listening to our own inner wisdom, we have learnt to move away from Spirit so that we can learn to ‘fit in’ and live our lives trying to please others. But when you begin to wake up, when your life begins to flow, when you feel the courage to make the changes you need to make, when you begin to feel good, you will know that the discomfort is well worth it.

Living my life in the exact way I want to has set me free. I’m living free of judgement, no longer rushing or constantly worrying or expecting the worst, no longer fretting about money, what I own or what others think of me. I’m no longer jealous of what others have, I’m not competing with anyone else, I’m not in a job or relationship that I despise and I’m not working myself into the ground. Instead I’m in the flow, present, I’m feeling energised, inspired, I see others through the lens of love and I know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I take each day as it comes, I always have time, money, and the creativity to write and express myself (and if I feel I don’t I know I am blocking my flow from the universe- I can address these quickly so that I return to the natural flow of life). I know I am divinely supported and the only thing I have to do is manage my thoughts, follow my internal guidance and expect miracles to occur.

I hope you can turn away from the lower energies of EGO, I hope you can believe in your ability to choose again, this time to choose LOVE.



Kylie West

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